The shape of a pearl is the first characteristic on which it is graded during the sorting process after harvesting.

1. Round: perfectly spherical or almost perfectly spherical pearls.

2. Near Round: almost spherical but with some deviation.

3. Oval: elliptical shape, elongated in the center with rounded ends.

4. Drop: elongated and pointed shape to one end of the pearl, becoming rounded at the other end.

5. Top: usually a drop shape with a small round hat on the top.

6. Button: oblate spherical, with a flattened side or two opposing flattened sides.

7. Semi baroque: pearls that are asymmetric but otherwise fall into any of categories 2 to 5.

8Baroque: irregularly shaped pearls on every side asymmetric.

9. Circle: pearls like Top shape that have fine concentric grooves running around the.